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I've made this journal friends only but you are more than welcome to friend me. Just make sure to comment if you'd like me to friend you back.

I tend to talk about fandom related things which ends up to be lots of squeeing and hyperactivity. I'm quite the geeky fangirl. I also post fanfiction and artwork from time to time. Personal entries are all locked. I'd like to say there's a happy balance between fandom related posts and personal but it depends. ;) But I try not to spam my f-list too often!
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It feels like this week has been crawling along really slow. I don't know much more about the college situation. It's more of a writing game. I'm not worried about getting re-accepted or anything but more concerned with the length of time all of this is going to take. There's not much I can do about it but be patient. Le sigh. I've never been a very patient person.

I managed to do some writing this week. It was some creative non-fiction. I thought I should attempt some writing exercises to get into the flow of writing again before NaNoWriMo. Ten more days! I hope I continue to be this excited on November 1st and don't drop out within 24 hours. ;) I also signed up for a holiday exchange at [ profile] dv_exchange (Daniel/Vala from Stargate SG-1). I figure I just need to jump into the writing instead of sitting around waiting for a brilliant idea -- at that rate I'll never write anything.

I have plans on Sunday with Phil again. It'll be like the 4th time in the last couple of months. It's really uncharacteristic of us to get together more than a couple of times a year. I'm not complaining though. He even suggested making it a weekly thing. I think we finally decided on a bi-weekly arrangement. It'll be fun. I always have a good time with him.

ttfn, xoxo.

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