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If you haven't seen Being Human... YOU MUST.

If it weren't for my TeeVee suppler, I'd be lost in this world. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have bothered with Being Human and if it weren't for Being Human I wouldn't have fallen madly in love with Annie.

I dedicate this picspam to [ profile] nebakanezer, :)

five reasons to fall head over heels for annie (from being human) )
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I signed up to participate in [ profile] daniel_vala's Month of Love Challenge. I decided for the challenge I'd do a picspam and others graphic-y treats which can be found here. I chose a couple of episodes that had some of my all-time favorite Daniel and Vala moments. :)

the time it takes to fall; a daniel and vala picspam )
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I still miss Gilmore Girls. I decided to do a picspam for one of my favorite characters on the show; Sookie. I think she's incredibly funny, bouncy, and just the best friend a girl like Lorelei could ever have. :)

For [ profile] picspammy

Sookie St. James Picspam )
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I am participating once again in [ profile] picspammy's challenge. This month the subject is your favorite character. I finally settled on Ronon Dex from Stargate Atlantis. It is sort of a farewell to the series and to Ronon. I have no doubt that we will see him again in the Atlantis movie, but it is a little sad to see such a wonderful series and a amazing cast of characters (& actors) no longer telling us brilliant, fun, and action-packed stories every week. It was almost insanely impossible to choose who I wanted to focus on, my favorite episodes, etc. Without further ado...

For [ profile] picspammy:

'You're wasting your energy talking.' )
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for [ profile] picspammy

best of two-thousand-oh-eight )
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Angelina Jolie; a picspam celebration of an actress, mother, and humanitarian )
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I am madly head over heels in love with Catherine Tate. I was first introduced to her through Doctor Who's "The Runaway Bride" and soon after that I caught her own series The Catherine Tate Show. I think Catherine Tate is brilliantly funny and talented. I've decided to share in the Catherine Tate love by making a picspam. :) Enjoy.

Beautiful, Funny, and Not Bovvered. )

Upcoming: Angelina Jolie, Top 25 Boy/Girl Crushes of 2008
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The BBC's Merlin grew on me over time but Morgana le Fay portrayed by Katie McGrath had been my favorite character from the very beginning. I've enjoyed the developments of her character and her relationships with the others throughout the first series. I decided what better way to share a little fragment of my obsession than through a picspam? So, here is a picspam of Katie McGrath. :)

Admit it. You love me. More and more every second. )

upcoming picspams: Catherine Tate, Angelina Jolie
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The celebration for the premiere of the sixth season of Smallville is still going strong with only a couple of days until the premiere! And today I am celebrating the character of Lois Lane portrayed by the talented and beautiful Erica Durance.

Lois Lane (Erica Durance):

When Lois Lane was introduced in the premiere of season four, "Crusade", I found myself excited at the prospect of Lois Lane during this time of Clark Kent's life. I was curious how the character would fit into the storyline and into Clark's life. I am beyond happy of how the writers and the actress Erica Durance have portrayed Lois Lane and the relationship between Clark and Lois. Without further ado, I give you some of my favorite moments from my favorite episodes during the course of season four and season five. Enjoy!

Do you have any favorite Lois Lane moments that you would to share? Comments, pictures, theories for season six? Share you thoughts! :)
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In celebration for the premiere of the sixth season of Smallville, wonderful people of Livejournal have put together Project Smallville: The Countdown. It is a week long celebration, with different activities going on around Livejournal including pic!spams of each season, the characters and actors of Smallville along with other cool events.

For information:

The Welcome Post - which has hit the 1000 comment mark of fans from everywhere, chatting and getting to know one another!
Kristen Kreuk pic!spam - done by [profile] alichica886
Day One, Day Two, & Day Three - what went on the first 3 days of Project Smallville: The Countdown.

Erica Durance (Lois Lane):

I was honored to be asked to be apart of the celebration and even more excited when asked to do something for the talented Erica Durance who portrays Lois Lane of Smallville. I did not know much about Erica Durance before Smallville, except for one guest appearance on Stargate SG-1. As soon as Lois Lane was introduced into Smallville in "Crusade" of the fourth season, I was immediately excited with the concept of Lois Lane during this time of Clark Kent's life. What made this even more special and amazing was how Erica Durance molded Lois Lane into her own creation, yet kept the essence of who Lois Lane is. Erica has a fresh take on the role of Lois and has hooked fans across the globe - including myself, "You have to treat it like a fresh character. Sure, there are guidelines so that you don't upset people, but you have to find your own way," Erica Durance quote - and she did find her own way, with the character of Lois and into the hearts of the fans.

So, today, the first of the pic!spams for Erica Durance, I share with you some personal pictures of Erica, along with others. Enjoy.

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